The Assembly Line Feeding Problem

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This tool is developed in order to classify new research or practical problems. This classification can then be used to match practical problems and research or to compare and delimit similar research. In case, terms or subfields are not clear to the user, we refer to the classification paper of Schmid and Limère (2017).

Line feeding policies and product characteristics

Which line feeding policies do you take into account?

Line stocking; Kanban; Sequencing
Stationary kits Traveling kits

How many models do you consider? What kind of precedence relations do they have?

Is the demand of parts deterministic or stochastic in your problem?

Deterministic Stochastic

Process characteristics

How can the storage and preparation processes be described?

Which vehicles are used?

Forklifts are Tow trains
AGVs are Other vehicle types are :

How are depleted load carriers returned?

Is space at the border of line constrained?

Are ergonomic considerations taken into account?

No Yes

What characteristics do operation times have?

Deterministic Dynamic Stochastic

Objective function

What do you mainly consider in your objective function?

Costs Effort