Research Group Operations and Production Management


  • Bahrami, B., Warehouse design and operation: Forward reserve problems in warehouses
  • Schmid, N. A., Managing complex assembly lines: simultaneously solving line feeding and balancing problems


  • Bulkmans, E., Case study on assembly line feeding – comparison and analysis of theoretical and industrial decisions
  • De Keyzer, L., Analysis and improvement of logistics flows: a case study
  • Den Haese, T., Virtual design of kit carts and work place: a case study
  • Mugisha, A., Evaluation of data sets requirements for assembly line feeding problems – building a framework for a data set database
  • Popelier, L., Balancing disassembly lines by consideration of tools and limited space
  • Scheldeman, A., Effect of customization on cost, capacity and customer service: a case study
  • Van den Broeke, J., Scheduling the provision of parts to assembly lines
  • Verbeke, K., Integrating the vehicle selection problem in assembly line feeding