Research Group Operations and Production Management

Different options for cooperation exist, with different levels of effort, duration and impact. When interested, companies can contact us to discuss the details.

Master dissertations

A Master student Business Engineering, option Operations Management (Handelsingenieur, operationeel beheer) can thoroughly analyze a specific problem. The scope of the work should allow a student to work over a period of two years, from problem statement, to literature review, analysis and results.

Master dissertation topics are proposed at the beginning of the summer (July), the students choose a topic around October, and the work is finalized around May/June of the next year. Two short paragraphs about the problem statement and objectives is sufficient to start up.

Contract research (with or without government funding)

When your business problems require a comprehensive scientific analysis, a scientific consulting project can be set up. Project staff (working towards a Ph.D. and/or Master level) will perform an in-depth analysis and optimization and simulation tools will be used to look for solutions.

Government funding (up to 50%) is possible, and advice is provided in preparing the proposal. The duration of a project can be chosen.

Ph.D. research

Applied research is at the core of Operations Management, and doctoral research can be performed with a business case as motivation. Ph.D. research allows for a longer period of cooperation over four years. Part-time employment at the university and the company is possible.

Government funding (up to 50%) is possible, with calls twice a year.