Research Group Operations and Production Management

Assembly line feeding

Assembly lines are still used in multiple industries like e.g. the automotive industry, though the beginning lies back more than hundred years. But the field is changing due to increasing model and part variants. The area of assembly line feeding deals with the decision, how this large variety of parts, needed for nowadays assembly, should be provided to assembly lines. This is usually done on a partwise basis. For more information, click here.

Assembly line balancing

High expectations in the number of unique products assembled, as described above, also influence the way of organizing assembly. The area of assembly line balancing deals with the assignments of assembly operations to workstations. While assigning operations, constraints like time and space have to be taken into account. For more information, you might be interested to click here.

Operations management in health care

Health care is a promising topic due to the fact, that population in many countries is aging. This leads to an increasing demand for efficiency improvements in terms of time and cost reduction for all kind of operations in health care systems.


The field of warehousing deals with the optimization of storage facilities. This includes the design of warehouses as well as process optimization like part location or picking systems.